Where to Buy a TV: Brick & Mortar vs Online Shops

Every year, stores like Best Buy are faced with a problem when announcing their quarterly profits to their shareholders. Sales are a big concern to them as much of their customer base is fleeing from their stores, and instead, making their purchases on Amazon.

But why? People are leading much busier lives nowadays and leaving the comfort of their home is becoming less desirable. Why drive to a store in traffic, be hounded by associates, stand in line and drive back when you can browse your phone or your computer and order something online with a click of a button and have it shipped to you for free? It just makes more sense.

This is what people started doing when they could find cheaper DVDs, iPods and other little gimmicks on Amazon. But still, Best Buy and other retailers like it still had dominance over the bigger items like laptops, audio equipment, home theaters and televisions.

One of the biggest turning points was when video game consoles began to be offered on online shops, and with video games, TVs made their connection. This is because gamers are always looking for the best graphics from their television sets.

At this point, TVs were being offered on Amazon and people began to get everything from there. But Best Buy has a website too so why weren't they converting? Plus, you can order online and pick it up from the store if you want to get it right away.

This is because Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping. It can also afford to drop their prices lower because they don't have stores and added overhead that big box stores have. And finally, Amazon has an enormous selection of products, warehouses and also allows 3rd parties to sell on their websites as well so you have nearly an infinite number of products that you can order.

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